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You could hardly find another resort in Europe that could match this place in terms of activities and experiences from the very morning till night.


The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world - Sky Bridge 721, the respectable observation tower Sky Walk, the longest bobsleigh track in Central Europe or a world-class cross track.


All this in one place...



SKY BRIDGE 721 - the longest suspension footbridge in the world


Get ready for a unique moment when you find yourself 95 meters above a deep mountain valley. You cross from one mountain ridge to another along a 721-meter-long footbridge. It will take a little courage to step out, but we guarantee an extraordinary experience of a lifetime.



SKY WALK - the most beautiful views 55 meters above the ground


Look forward to the most beautiful views of the entire Kralicky Sneznik massif with the picturesque valley of the Morava River. At an altitude of 1,116 meters there is a respectable observation tower. The net at the very top of the trail in the clouds 55 meters above the ground will challenge your courage. For the more daring, there is a great 100-meter-long toboggan with windows and several banked turns.



MAMUTÍ HORSKÁ DRÁHA - the longest bobsleigh track in Central Europe

An adrenaline ride of 3 kilometers through forest terrain and open plains awaits you. With an elevation of 364 meters, you will drive through 25 superb turns, a double 360° carousel, a figure eight loop, an underground tunnel, and swing on 4 great jumps over forest paths. When driving on a track of mammoth dimensions with a slope of up to 30%, you will reach a speed of up to 50 km/h, and that's quite a ride.

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